Important information for 2015 and 2016:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have been unable to solidify a date for 2015 and unfortunately will not be able hold an event this year. We are in the process of working on the American Open World Tour event for 2016. With the additional time to prepare, the 2016 event promises to be the best American Open yet. We look forward to seeing you next year and thank you for your time and support. We apologize for any inconveniences, please feel free to contact us with any further questions or comments.

Rules are subject to change. Return here for updates.

NASKA rules are created to put the multiple disciplines together to compete in the same ring. All competitors are encouraged to compete in all divisions and in all disciplines. However, be aware there is some potential for schedule conflicts during Saturday’s competition between the No-Gi Grappling and Sport Karate MMA divisions with some of the NASKA Black Belt and NASKA / AKA Under Belt divisions and on Sunday’s competition between the KungFuMagazine.com Championship Chinese divisions with the other disciplines’ traditional forms, traditional weapons and some fighting divisions. Please check the competition schedule. Every effort will be made to assist competitors to make all of their divisions, however it cannot be guaranteed.


  • Competitors must register based on their age as of June 30th, 2014.
  • We reserve the right to combine divisions with eight or less competitors.
  • 16 or more competitors in all of the divisions may be split into two separate divisions.
  • The competition order for the "NASKA / AKA Under Belt Divisions", the "American Open Traditional Empty Hand Forms", and the "Chinese Divisions" will be determined by a shuffled draw at ringside.
  • The competition order for the "NASKA World Tour Black Belt Divisions" follows NASKA seeding rules.
  • As per NASKA World Tour Black Belt Rules all competitors in black belt sparring divisions are required to wear NASKA approved headgear, hand and footpads, mouthpieces and groin cups (for male competitors only). In addition, those under 17 are required to wear chest guards and face shields.The face and face shield are legal targets with light contact.
  • In the under belt sparring divisions face shields and chest guards are optional for competitors of all ages ; however, the face or the face shield are illegal targets and in instances of excessive contact to the face or face shield will be grounds for immediate disqualification
  • NASKA sparring rules will be used in the continuous sparring divisions with a few additions.
  • For all sparring divisions the groin is not a target.
  • New for 2014: All adult Black Belt point sparring divisions include a 3 point Spinning Jump Kick to the head. Additionally Black Belt point sparring competitors can now score with one hand down.
  • New for 2014: All adult Black Belt competitors 30+ have the option to compete down in age to 18+. Any 30+, 40+, 50+ and 60+ year old competitor can compete in any younger adult Black Belt Division. A competitor cannot compete up in an age division.

Belt to Rank Chart

Beginner White, Yellow, Orange
Intermediate Blue, Green, Purple
Advanced * Brown, Red
* Chinese divisions includes Black in advanced.

American Open Sport MMA and Grappling ranking

Beginner 0-1yr training
Intermediate 1yr-3yr training
Advanced * 3yr+ training
Armando with sword

American Open Traditional Empty Hand Forms Divisions:

  * NASKA general rules and forms criteria will be used

American Open Continuous Sparring Divisions:

American Open No-Gi Grappling:

American Open Sport MMA Rules:

Chinese Division Rules:

Special Needs Division rules: