Important information for 2015 and 2016:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have been unable to solidify a date for 2015 and unfortunately will not be able hold an event this year. We are in the process of working on the American Open World Tour event for 2016. With the additional time to prepare, the 2016 event promises to be the best American Open yet. We look forward to seeing you next year and thank you for your time and support. We apologize for any inconveniences, please feel free to contact us with any further questions or comments.
American Open Sport MMA

For the second year the AKA American Open is offering the American Open Sport MMA Divisions for 17 years and under. The Sport MMA Divisions are run using the American Open Sport MMA rules, which emphasize safety and the controlled application of proper technique. The American Open Sport MMA Divisions are run on Saturday at Noon; ringside check-in is at 11:30am.

American Open Sport MMA ranking

Beginner 0-1yr training
Intermediate 1yr-3yr training
Advanced * 3yr+ training

Brackets for competitors ages 4-17 are made using the Madison Bracketing System. There are no preset weight classes for children and teens. At the end of weigh-ins, the Junior competitors will be sorted by weight. Brackets will then be made by grouping them into sets of even numbers whenever possible, (depending on turnout) In the event of an odd number of competitors the lightest weight competitor will be awarded a “By” . Juniors will be divided by weight, experience, and age (whenever possible). Using the Madison system means children and teens will no longer cut weight since they won’t know the weight classes in advance.

Ages 4-5
AM-1 4-5, Beginner M/FSat
AM-4 4-5, Intermediate M/FSat
AM-7 4-5, Advanced M/FSat
Ages 6-7
AM-15 6-7, Beginner M/FSat
AM-18 6-7, Intermediate M/FSat
AM-21 6-7, Advanced M/FSat
Ages 8-9
AM-30 8-9, Beginner M/FSat
AM-33 8-9, Intermediate M/FSat
AM-36 8-9, Advanced M/FSat
Ages 14-15
AM-75 14-15, Beginner M/FSat
AM-78 14-15, Intermediate M/FSat
AM-81 14-15, Advanced M/FSat
Ages 16-17
AM-90 16-17, Beginner MSat
AM-93 16-17, Intermediate MSat
AM-96 16-17, Advanced MSat
AM-105 16-17, Beginner FSat
AM-108 16-17, Intermediate FSat
AM-111 16-17, Advanced FSat
Ages 10-11
AM-45 10-11, Beginner M/FSat
AM-48 10-11, Intermediate M/FSat
AM-51 10-11, Advanced M/FSat
Ages 12-13
AM-60 12-13, Beginner M/FSat
AM-63 12-13, Intermediate M/FSat
AM-66 12-13, Advanced M/FSat